Silhouette of a near-perfect day

Sunny memory,
of a stroll by the ocean.
For those who have nowhere to go
are coved by the endless blue.

Hesitant conversations,
that burnt in the heat of the golden hour.
And died down forever in the living room,
as the sun declined by the sea.

An evening,
when no picture was taken.
But a silhouette remains, imprinted,
and witnessed by the Pacific.




The not-so-master bachelors.

Until next time,
when we take a midnight walk to the ocean.

Bizarre gossips, squealing laughters,
stories, facts and heated discussions.
A mix of happy and sulky faces
each telling their own tales,
a bittersweet journey.

Until next time,
when we find the perfect balcony.

Endless poha-chai chronicles,
local brews and rooftop-rolls.
Sunny, pouring or a windy day,
no assignments to remind of the midnight strokes,
a game of pool or poker to settle the nights.

And while none of us were perfect,
we managed it.
Sometimes together,
and sometimes without.